Consulting Services

During the past 15 years the MACBETH methodology has been used by innumerous public and private organizations all over the world to help them make complex decisions with a great impact on their organizations and or the society itself.
With our experience and the help of some of the world's most renowned experts we help you solve major strategic problems your business may face.

Here are listed some of the areas where we can help you. You can also take a look at some of the organizations who have benefit from our approach by consulting our applications page or read some of the papers written about the MACBETH.

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Consulting services list

Fields of application
Below you can find some of the areas where we can help your organization.

  • Strategic plan development
  • Resource allocation
  • Alternative site location comparison for major infrastructures
  • Participative evaluation of Social, economic and environmental impacts for major infrastructures
  • Horizontal and vertical conflict resolution in the implementation of public policies.
  • Cost, Benefit and risk analysis of projects and programs
  • Performance evaluation for employees
  • Performance evaluation for suppliers
  • Public call for tenders’ evaluation
  • Development o"../imagesmodels and scenario analysis