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To help you get to the top we make use of the best tools available . The M-MACBETH software is one of the most advanced decision support systems you can find on the market.

MACBETH is an user friendly approach, of solid scientific base, born in the early 90’s in an investigation project developed by Professor Carlos A. Bana e Costa ( from the Technical University of Lisbon and from the London School of Economics, in cooperation with Professor Jean-Claude Vansnick and Dr. Jean-Marie De Corte, from the Belgium University of Mons-Hainaut.

This evaluation technique is different from others because it just asks the actors qualitative value judgments. The consistency of this judgments is tested and a values scale is created for each criteria from them. Finally, weights are suggested by the software. The overall score for each alternative, obtained from a weighted sum, reflects the attractiveness of that option in the set of all criteria.

Many different sensitivity and robustness analysis of the results allows us to:

  • Get an in depth knowledge of the problem
  • Identify the factors which affect the attractiveness the most
  • Discuss and resolve diverging points of view about the problem thus adjusting the model
  • Shape certainties about the priorities that should be established or the alternatives that should be selected.

M-MACBETH offers you innumerous graphic representations which makes it easier to produce a report where all the recommendations are justified.




Attractiveness by a

Visit the macbeth website to learn more about the software. bullet m-macbeth homepage

M-MACBETH Tutorial
follow the link below to watch a flash presentation with the basic functionalites of the software.

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