During the past 15 years the MACBETH metodology has been used by enumerous public and private organizations all over the world to help them make complex decisions with a great impact on their organizations and or the society itself.



Consulting services list

Fields of application
Below you can find some of the areas where we can help your organization.

  • Strategic plan development
  • Resource allocation
  • Alternative site location comparision for major infraestructures
  • Participative evaluation of Social, economic and enviernmental impacts for major infraestructures
  • Horizontal and vertical conflict resolution in the implementation of public policies.
  • Cost, Benefict and risk analysis of projects and programs
  • Performance evaluation for employes
  • Performance evaluation for suplyers
  • Public call for tenders evaluation
  • Avaliação de propostas em concorrências públicas
  • Develoment of risk models and cenario analysis