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Bana Consulting is committed to help its clients to achieve a higher degree of performance by helping them to make better decisions.

At Bana, we make use of a scientific based approach, developed in an academic context and used during the last 15 years in top management consulting projects to help managers in the difficult task of balancing cost, benefits and risks

Unlike the traditional expert 'black box' approach to decision support, we provide our clients with an interactive process-consultation approach designed to transfer our know-how to the client along the development of a socio-technical process of decision-aiding. This improves organizational management skills, resulting in gains of efficiency in resource allocation and efficacy is achieving core objectives.




Bana overview

What we do

We provide a wide range of services to help our clients make better decisions, thus better business.

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Our Approach

A Socio-Technical, scientific based approach, MACBETH leads to solutions that reflect the organizations' culture.

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To achieve better results our team use one of the best decision support systems available.

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